There is a wide range of light steel cladding available for light steel structures. We believe in providing our customers with the best product for their specific light steel structure – which is why we are deliberately not aligned with any specific sheeting and cladding supplier in order to offer our customers the widest range of cladding.


A focus on finding the right material
We believe in installing what is best for the ligh steel structure, at the best possible price – all for the benefit of our clients.

The metals used in light steel cladding are chosen for their cost, durability and appearance with the most commonly used metals being steel and aluminium. In certain circumstances bronze, copper and titanium have also been used. As metal cladding has evolved, it has been used on more than just warehouses and industrial buildings and is now used for architectural features including curved eaves and corners.

Any cladding that is used with a traditional wooden frame can be used with steel.

Sheeting options available in:
Chromadek® – available in 14 standard colours: Fish Eagle White, Kalahari Red, Kingfisher Blue, Charcoal Grey, White Lion, Buffalo Brown, Umhlanga Wave, Dark Dolphin, Sandstone Beige, Aloe Green, Azure Blue, Dove Grey, Gemsbok Sand, Traffic Green.












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Light Steel Construction

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